Circus in Gabon (Africa)

School project in Gamba

At the end of January 2014 Theaterbureau Giel van Dam and Meatball & van de Camp Circustheater made ​​a special trip to Gabon, at the invitation of the International School in Gamba, Gabon. In the course of two days, Giel van Dam, Janpier Knaapen and Piet van de Camp made ​​a spectacular circus show together with the children of the school. Of course all the children were in the leadrole!


We ran the same program in the neighboring village with the children of a local school.
First we had workshops in circus techniques, after that we created the circus in small groups, with a real circus performance by the children as a result. For the public of course.

The side effect of this circus project is that contact has now been established between the international school and a local school. Before this project the schools barely knew of each other’s existence.

Meatball & van de Camp also performed their own circus showThe Crown and the fool for the children and their parents.

Photos and travelogue

It is easy to see in the pictures with how much enjoyment everyone participated in this project.
Read more about this project in the travelogue (this is still being prepared) or in the stories of others.

Cirque du Gabon

One afternoon in the capital, Libreville, we also worked intensively with the Cirque du Gabon. A special experience for everyone.


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